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Social media guidelines for UBC Okanagan employees

Social media is constantly evolving and changing.

FacebookYouTubeTwitterInstagramPinterestSnapchat, and Flickr are some of the common social media services that UBC employees can use to connect with audiences, but the variety of services and uses for social media are diverse and wide-ranging. Some social media services are useful for engaging with niche audiences, while others connect friends and colleagues with amazing ease and effectiveness.

The value in social media is how it’s used. Be creative. Find ways to be valuable to audiences, all while adhering to the following basic guidelines.


The use of social media tools is increasingly common for faculties, departments, and employees at UBC. These guidelines have been created to provide general guidance on the use of social media at UBC for faculty and staff.

Blogs, forums, and social networking sites are exciting channels where you can share ideas and connect with others who have the same interests. They provide an opportunity to advance UBC’s mandate to disseminate knowledge and build effective relations with the community through dialogue and academic freedom. However, they also have the potential to affect professional and organizational reputations.

For the full set of social media guidelines for UBC employees, visit the UBC Brand website.

Inappropriate use of official and personal social media technologies

Inappropriate use of social media, either in an official or personal capacity, may be cause for disciplinary action. If you are unsure whether a communication is inappropriate, please consult with your manager, head, or director and refer to UBC’s Key Considerations For Social Media before you post.

UBC shares your enthusiasm and supports your participation in these online communities. Before you get started, we ask that you review the guidelines on personal use of social media by UBC faculty or staff.

Best practices

  • Plan ahead using a monthly calendar of important dates for your department – plan social media updates with these dates in mind.
  • Be clear with your objectives for each outlet
  • Update all information and images to keep your unit current and engaging. This can create further department/university representation in the community.
  • Help fans connect with you by including all links to social media outlets in email, newsletter, and website content

Social media best practices: more ideas for engagement

Share, engage, trigger conversations, ask questions and listen.

Visit our best practices page for more ideas on how to use today’s technology to connect with and keep your audiences.